Midwestern Tornado Alley Warnings

Tornado warnings in the Midwest are given out regularly. The hotbed for tornadoes, the midwest, depending on where you live will be constantly hit on by tornados.

The Frozen Pipe Epidemic

As the cold winter approaches us, we all soon will be enjoying the pumpkin drinks and hot cocoa but one thing most of us tend to forget about is the danger from within our own homes. We all face this threat, the threat of bursting pipes and many of us are clueless on what to do when the danger finally arrives. Even if you might know what to do, some people, like those who need help from ActiveCare In Home Services, they might not be able to do anything about it. Naturally, we will call a plumber to come help but the cost of their visit can be overwhelming depending on how bad the damages, but did you know you could actually save yourself from this problem?

frozen-pipeHow Do Pipes Burst?

  • Cold Temperatures: One of the most common ways for a pipe to burst is from extreme cold degrees. When water begins to freeze it expands, the molecules within the liquid combine which increase the density of the water which causes it to expand and burst your pipes.

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Warm and Cold Air Make Tornadoes


Tornadoes command awe and respect in the deadly power they can exert and the shocking consequences that result from their presence. With the potential to create vortexes and muster winds of speeds greater than 200 miles per hour they are a force to be reckoned with.

How do Tornadoes Form?

Tornadoes are most commonly formed as a result of powerful thunderstorms called supercells. You need the right conditions for these behemoths of nature to occur. Both a combination of wet and warm air and dry and cool air are needed to come together to create these conditions. When these conflicting air fronts of warm and cold reach each other the result can be the creation of an unstable and unpredictable atmosphere. Tornadoes form as a result of these conditions.

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Texas Has a New State Record and It’s Not Football


Everything’s bigger in Texas! The state’s motto refers to cowboy hats, barbecue, and tornadoes. You heard right, tornadoes! A little-known fact is that Texas has some of the most tornadoes in the country. In certain studies, it ties with Oklahoma for the title of “Twister State.” In this jaw-dropping turn of events, the Lone Star State has become a new tornado alley.

The Why and How

Meteorologists have recorded that since 1900-present, there have been 15 tornadoes ranging between F-3 and F-5 in Texas. Researchers claim that Texas is the perfect environment for tornadoes. In order to form, tornadoes require a mixture of warm, moist air and cold, dry air. Texas is situated next to the Gulf of Mexico and right below the Rocky Mountains. As a result, the warm, humid air from the Gulf blows into Texas while the chilled, dry air of the Rockies drifts down to meet it. The volatile rendezvous of these winds creates numerous tornadoes.

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Dad Should Have Built A Storm Shelter

When I was about 9 years old, we were living in Kansas on a little farm. We had some livestock and corn farm that we used to produce enough to support our family.

That Autumn, Dad was having a feeling of success from producing his largest crop of corn yet and was looking to celebrate. He invited many of his closest friends and family members over for a barbecue on a Friday night. Some of the family members cautioned him that there was a tornado likely to be coming through the area that day and perhaps he should reschedule just in case. Well, my Dad being kind of a knucklehead said that was “hogwash,” and to come by anyway. Now, Dad had only been living in Kansas for 3 years, so he wasn’t quite used to having to worry about a tornado really wrecking a weekend because it was something he was not familiar with. Oh, if he only knew.

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