Tornados can cause havoc, uprooting trees and demolishing houses, ripping through towns and destroying communities. The aftermath of a severe weather incident can result in a huge amount of work and to deal with it is no small job.


Living in the Tornado Repair Industry:

Living with the effects of Tornadoes and being in the cleanup industry requires expertise and the right people and equipment. We deal with high impact storm events, no job is too big.

We pride ourselves on our ability to respond quickly and when dispatched our strategic response provides the services you need to get your house and home back on its feet.

Being in storm country brings new challenges every year, so we are constantly faced with unique situations that need to be solved. Being a professional and knowing you have the skills to repair the damage a Tornado can reap gives you a sense of pride in knowing what a huge difference you can make. Getting your community up and running after a Tornado has struck is no small feat, but with the right help, life can return to normal.


Damage Categories:

Storm Damage

The damage from a storm can be immense, from leveling buildings, to catapulting objects across great distances, scattering debris and causing extensive and expensive damage. The trail of devastation can be colossal. We have seen it all, damage to buildings, animals, people and the environment.

Fire Damage

This can often occur during or after a storm has hit, exposed electrics, leaking gas and flammable materials can be the culprit and it only takes one spark for everything to go up. Fires and explosions can be a common hazard once a Tornado has struck.

Water Damage

Tornadoes are a powerful phenomenon and can easily bring with them heavy rains and flooding, as well as causing damage to water systems. One common example I have seen many a time is a property with a sagging ceiling or roof. The most likely cause is water damage; my advice is to get clear of the area and wait for the professionals.

Disaster Rdamage-tornadoes-industryecovery

Damages and injuries can occur both during a tornado‘s initial impact as well as after it has passed. During this period I am always on high alert as dangers are still present and the chance of injury or worse is still a possibility. Structural damage exposed or faults electrical systems, gas leaks, unstable or falling objects and sharp or piercing items all pose a threat. You must carefully evaluate the environment that you find yourself in and take precautions where necessary.


Remember to prepare for an oncoming storm, stay safe during a tornado strike, as well as after. Common sense and damage limitation strategies should be followed in order to maximize your chances of surviving the incident unscathed. After a storm has hit gather yourself and prepare to call in the professionals, we are here to help.